Admission Process

The American School of Palestine and Al-Jenan Kindergarten enforce a rolling admissions policy. Priority registration is given to currently enrolled students, their siblings and employee children. The application process for new students begins in mid-March and ends in early April. Applicants are informed of the school's final decision by early to mid-April. The school continues to receive applications after these dates until full enrollment capacity has been reached. Application forms can be collected from the school secretary.

All students applying for entry into the kindergarten, and primary and secondary sections are subject to an interview with the school Principal or a staff member, depending on their grade level. Additionally, applicants for second through sixth grade are evaluated for their English language skills. Seventh through twelfth grade applicants take a multi-subject entrance exam. Exam and interview results indicate a student's ability to successfully matriculate in the school's academic program and culture, and thus influence her or his acceptance prospects.   

Entry into the American School of Palestine and Al-Jenan Kindergarten is highly competitive. We encourage interested parents/guardians to contact the school for exact application dates and any further needed information.