School Nurse

The American School of Palestine is committed to the physical health and mental wellbeing of its students and their families. The School Nurse is the healthcare representative on site. Her healthcare responsibilities include preventative services, early identification of problems, immunization, interventions and referrals to external medical facilities. She provides care for injuries and acute illness for all students and long-term management of students with special healthcare needs, such as diabetes and asthma. The School Nurse coordinates with parents/guardians to develop individualized healthcare plans for students with chronic conditions. In the rare event that a student should need a doctor’s attention, the nurse ensures the safe transfer of the student to a number of external medical facilities, following the approval of his or her parents/guardians. Her responsibilities overlap with the School Counselor in ensuring the smooth adjustment and reintegration of students who suffer from injury or long-term absence due to illness or injury.


Among the School Nurse’s fundamental roles is fostering a healthy and safe environment for students to thrive in. This consists of monitoring School cleanliness, overseeing the quality and nutritional value of cafeteria food selections and identifying safety issues, among others. Along this line, she liaises with staff and faculty in developing a program aimed at healthcare education for all students, which is integrated into the School curriculum. Parents and guardians are also among the recipients of the School’s healthcare education program, and are regularly invited to talks by School staff and knowledgeable guests on current child and youth healthcare-related topics, such as smoking, nutrition, obesity, dental hygiene, sedentary lifestyle and others. The School Nurse works closely with community organizations and primary care physicians to access the latest advances in general healthcare. Overall, her primary role is to ensure that the American School of Palestine is a healthy and safe place for all students.