The School's primary level comprises first through sixth grade. Below are the key features of its academic program.

  • Comprehensive program of study founded on the Palestinian Ministry of Education curriculum
  • Arabic medium of instruction
  • Fortified English language program
  • Certain subjects in select grades are taught in both Arabic and English
  • Religious studies (Islamic studies are required for Muslim students and Christian studies are optional for Christian students, both based on the Palestinian Ministry of Education )
  • Sixth grade is a transitional period between the primary program, which is primarily delivered in the Arabic language, and secondary program, which is taught mainly in the English medium
  • Purely English-speaking students are able to matriculate in the primary program and attain proficiency in both languages, with the aid of an outside Arabic language tutor
  • Native Arabic-speaking students that complete the primary program qualify to matriculate into the secondary program and maintain proficiency in both languages, provided they have acquired strong English language skills