Vision and Mission


We at the American School of Palestine envision a Palestinian society of highly skilled and competent, civic-minded, industrious and ethically-driven individuals collectively striving to create better living conditions and a brighter future for themselves and all members of their community. To this end, we are committed to enabling individuals to transform their reality. Our aim is thus to enable the cognitive, psychological, physical and social development of each and every learner. ASP graduates will be prepared to succeed in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world while upholding a strong set of values and good moral character.



The American School of Palestine strives to provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment in which all children and youth can reach their full potential as confident, lifelong learners and thriving, responsible global citizens. This entails a wholistic educational program that aspires to develop the entire person. It features rigorous academic instruction and engaging learning opportunities which provide a foundation for success in Palestinian and foreign universities, a basis for sound occupational and career choices, and preparation for leadership. Strong grounding in both Arabic and English reinforces our graduates’ ability to compete at the highest levels locally and internationally. Equally, we aim to cultivate in children and youth awareness of their physical and mental wellbeing as a means to fostering optimal health, resilience and feelings of self-worth. We promote a student identity that is rooted in Palestinian culture and heritage, which permeate school events and activities. Our commitment to continuous school improvement and professional learning leads to the raising of pedagogic performance, student outcomes and organizational standards. ASP members work closely with parents and the local community to promote excellence, excitement and joy in our learners’ educational experiences.