Director’s Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,


I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and sound.


We are living in unprecedented times that will lead to great transformations. Life after the Coronavirus will not be the same. While there will be human loss and financial uncertainty, this crisis also presents us with opportunities for meaningful change. There is a lot that we can do to influence the course of this pandemic, and even more to improve our lives and future. This will require strict compliance with safety and health measures, reprioritization and an unwavering sense of hope. Together we can overcome this difficulty and ASP is ready to do its part.


Upon the closure of schools on March 9th, we immediately implemented our electronic instruction plan. The online program has three aims. First, to ensure that students remain connected to their educational environment, as a means to safeguard their emotional and social wellbeing. Second, to guarantee the completion of the school curriculum by providing the fundamental concepts in key subject areas, in order to prepare students for the upcoming academic year. Third, and depending on grade level, to reinforce cognitive skills, such as independent learning, time-management and use of the web for educational purposes, in an effort to enhance their future academic and professional prospects. The sudden shift to this novel mode of teaching has required extra work from our teachers and management. To them we are most grateful. The ASP team has proven once again their superiority and enduring commitment to the moral purpose of education. Equally, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the mothers and fathers who supported their child/children through this very challenging task. We highly appreciate your effort. Our joint work will bear fruit when students return to school next year and are able to transition smoothly back into their scholastic program. The exceptionally high level of student participation in our e-learning platform and overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents assure us that next year will be as good a year as any, if not better. 


Yes, I confidently write that next year can be our students’ best year ever. For one, children will have gained an appreciation for schools as learning and social environments. But perhaps more importantly, they will have understood what matters most in life. This, however, will depend on your willingness at this time to reinforce in your child/children the highest of human values and essential life skills. Our busy lives and packed curriculum provide little time or opportunity for teaching our children what really matters. The current threat to human life is a chance to remind them of just those things: that family and loved ones are most important; that we have more material things than we actually need; that a healthy diet, regular exercise, and personal and community hygiene are not luxuries but tools for survival; and that there is no individual prosperity without social cohesion and national solidarity. As you all know, we at ASP have diligently championed these principles and practices through our curriculum and extra-curricular programs. 


Finally, on behalf of ASP I thank you heartily as you stand guard over the safety and wellbeing of your family. This may be the most monumental and arduous role that you will ever perform in your lifetime. We will get through this menacing ordeal, and we will be all the stronger and wiser for it. That is our promise to our students.




Dr Hanan Ramahi

ASP Director