University and College Guidance

The School’s University and College Guidance service provides the necessary support and assistance to ensure that each graduating student is guided through the seemingly perplexing task of applying for universities/colleges. This involves individualized and group meetings, workshops, daytrips to local universities, visits from international university representatives and other opportunities intended to familiarize them with available options and ease their apprehensions. Students are assisted to identify their academic strengths, career goals and the optimum institutional fit for their aspirations and means. This includes advice about types of institutions, career options, entrance examination requirements, profile development, scholarships and financial aid availability and eligibility, student visas and other matters.

Students are introduced to future career prospects and relevant university/college degrees during the 10th grade. The application process gains momentum during the latter half of the 11th grade during when students begin to assemble their application material, including the Common Application, SAT I and II examinations results, extra-curricular activities profile, personal statement, letters of recommendation and school transcripts. Parents/guardians are invited to attend talks that clarify this process. By December of students’ senior year, applications for international universities and colleges are completed and sent out. Palestinian and regional university-bound graduates are assisted through the SAT-Tawjihi equivalency process. Guidance continues to be given to students following replies by universities/colleges, when students need to make final decisions on matriculation, financial matters and travel plans.  

While the School aims to ensure the success of every student application, the extent of success rests on students' willingness to research and consider the best available options for their abilities, resources and circumstance. Accordingly, the responsibility rests on the student and his or her parents/guardians. Therefore, for optimum results students and their parents/guardians are highly encouraged to pursue all resources available to them through the School’s University and College Guidance and elsewhere.